Sheep Trap iPhone iPod Touch App


One little sheep, two little sheeps, three little sheeps …the count is over, instead of going asleep focus and be prepared to keep you cute little sheeps safe.

Five naughty ships from your flock will get a wrong direction and will go straight into the clutch of the BIG Bad Wolf.

Every time a sheep makes this deadly mistake, take care by using the tranquilizer button. The faster you are, the better results you will see in your scoreboard.

Be wolfist and instead of eliminating the BIG Bad Wolf, just use the same button to stop him from stealing your precious.

In life we all pay for our mistakes in one way or another, so don’t expect if you waste your darts not to get penalty. Every time you are so careless and throw darts when there is no need, you will receive 3 seconds penalty.

Are you ready?


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch