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iOS 6 and the Pass Kit’s usefulness

Sep.11, 2012

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The new iOS 6 Pass Kit API has opened up huge opportunity for innovative apps especially for retails apps.

The biggest problem with retail apps is the authentication of coupons / loyalty cards etc.

The Pass Kit can be used for authentication of
1) People using secure Barcodes / QR codes.
2) Coupons offered by apps
3) Loyalty programs of retailers.
4) Generic tickets for events, buses or anything.

It can also pave way for NFC enabled iphones. Probably Apple is working on NFC for the new iPhone.

Let’s take a look at what all the Pass Kit can offer.

It allows apps to store barcodes/ QR codes securely. So, apps can use them to authenticate users at point of entry or Point of sale.

Apps created for events can create tickets (which display barcodes) and the entry be validated.

Apps can create coupons which can be approved/validated using a similar device or from the app itself. The authenticating handshake becomes simpler and secure.

Though apps have been using their own mechanism for such scenarios but having something built within the SDK allows better user experience as well as security.

This feature can also be used for NFC enabled apps which can carry payment related information or pass keys for making certain payments.

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