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How to Create Your First iPhone Application

Jan.06, 2010

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1. Introduction

So, you are here. This means that you have already completed the very first step in iPhone/iPad application development – and the most important one. You got an amazing idea of iPhone/iPad app and you want to make it reality! But you must be sure your idea is unique, novel, fun, entertaining – the minimum requirements for success. Once you are sure you got the right idea, you can proceed with point 2.

2. What do you need?

There are a couple of things that you MUST own/do in order to successfully turn your gorgeous idea into reality:

- get an iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad – yes, it will be hard to develop if you don’t own one
- get an Intel Mac computer running Mac OS X (yes, there are ones that run Windows but they are not appropriate)
- become an “Apple iPhone Developer Program” member – this requires $99 investment. It is worth!
- in case you wont be working on your own and you plan to involve others into your project – better prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement (sample: http://help.elance.com/forums/30970/entries/34757). We recommend this since, as we all know, “two is more than one”. It will be best if you get a team into this – this promises better prospects for success.
Of course you can do it all yourself, we just don’t recommend this approach.
- you’ll have to install the latest version if the iPhone SDK on your Intel Mac

3. Who should do what?

Everyone is good in something particular. Also, it is best when you get the right man for the right job. So here you have to choose what part you can handle yourself and what should be left for your team to handle.

Here is a list of abilities – check it and make your decision:

- marketing (research)
- marketing (promotion)
- design GUI and/or WEB
- programming
- draw/sketch
- testing (ability to check functionality)

So, what should be it? Once you make your decision don’t forget to have your team members sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement – a very important one!

4. Finger the soil

You should not only inquire about what people like in the iPhone/iPad apps, but also check what other developers did and learn from them. There are all types of apps in the App Store – from very successful to ugly and failed ones. They are all “telling” you something. Something you have to carefully listen at and learn your lesson.
The best way to come up with original and even novel idea is when you

There always is the possibility that your first app is not that successful, but even then you can reference this case as “what not to do anymore” and learn from it.

5. Focus on your auditory

Who they are? What they want? How to help them achieve their goals within the app?

These are the question that should bother you. Try and give your best to find the proper answer. This will help you reach you loyal auditory and rage audience.

It could be a game, a utility application or even both. In any way, focus on things the audience will find at least useful.

6. Grab the pencil!

Yes, literally, you have to draw each screen. This way you can get a clear picture (again, literally) of what each screen need to present. How people will change screens, going from one place to another. How things will happen.

7. Design and programming

This is where it all happens. If you chose to be the designer or the programmer in point 3, this should be something that comes natively to you and you won’t face any issues.
Note that if you have no experience with mobile apps design it will be best if you get some help from experienced designer. Also, if you have a bunch of programming skills but nothing in Objective-C/Cocoa, you will have to look for help too, otherwise it would be reasonable to add a month of development time for ramping up.

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