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Материали от курс за разработване на софтуерни приложения за iOS

Jun.24, 2011

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Екипът на tapbits.com предоставя напълно безплатно материалите от първия в България курс за разработване на софтуерни приложения за iOS, който се проведе в края на 2010г.

Материалите са разпределени в отделни теми като всяка от тях ще намерите прикачена по-долу:

1. Contents – iOS-Slides-0+Contents

2. Intro – iOS-Slides-1+intro-ios

3. FoundationFramework – iOS-Slides-3+foundationframework

4. Uiview – iOS-Slides-4+uiview

5. Xcode appdelegate – iOS-Slides-5+xcode-appdelegate

6. Collection of controllers – iOS-Slides-6+collectionofcontrollers

6.1 Delegation – iOS-Slides-6+1-delegation

7. Tableview – iOS-Slides-7+tableview

7.1 Tableview-advanced – iOS-Slides-7+1-tableview-advanced

8. Plist userdefaults storage – iOS-Slides-8+plist-userdefaults-storage

8.1 Uisegmented uidatepicker uialert uiimagepicker – iOS-Slides-8+1-uisegmented-uidatepicker-uialert-uiimagepicker

8.2 Sound coremotion nstimer delayed – iOS-Slides-8+2-sound-coremotion-nstimer-delayed

9. Keyboard uitextfield uitextview – iOS-Slides-9+keyboard-uitextfield-uitextview

10. Universalapp localization – iOS-Slides-10+universalapp-localization-etc

11. Sqlite coredata – iOS-Slides-11+sqlite-coredata

12. Corelocation – iOS-Slides-12+corelocation

12.1 Mapkit – iOS-Slides-12+1-mapkit

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Apple With New Subscription Service For Your iOS Apps

Feb.17, 2011

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Apple announced in a recent newsletter that “you can now offer an easy one-click experience for auto-renewable digital subscriptions in your iOS content-based apps on the App Store. Auto-Renewable Subscriptions allow users to purchase In-App content, and the purchase is automatically renewed at the end of the period unless the user chooses to cancel the subscription. Using In-App Purchase provides a simple standardized way to implement these Auto-Renewable Subscriptions for your content.”

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