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iAd – the mobile advertising platform

May.03, 2010

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On April 8th, Apple introduced iPhone OS 4.0. There were many improvements and new features but one of the most interesting ones is the new iAd mobile advertising platform.

According to Apple, “iAd is a breakthrough mobile advertising platform. With it, apps can feature rich media ads that combine the emotion of TV with the interactivity of the web. For developers, it means a new, easy-to-implement source of revenue. For advertisers, it creates a new media outlet that offers consumers highly targeted information.”

What iAd actually is?

In short: It is the next genius idea that Apple comes with. Advertising from inside the Apps. And as we all know how many apps there are currently available for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch – it seems this is the next golden mine for everyone – developers, advertisers, Apple!

Many uncertainties yet, for example how will developers adapt their apps to display banners, but we believe Apple will answer this and other questions shortly – no doubt the next months will be exciting!

Apple iAd

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iPhone OS 4.0b2 Gets Smooth Animated App Switching

Apr.21, 2010

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One of the newly discovered changes in iPhone OS 4.0b2 is smooth animated app switching for the upcoming multitasking feature.

When Will Apple has made the video attached below to demonstrate the animation.

Source: iclarified.com

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